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From the rugged Australian outback of Kakadu or Uluru - Ayers Rock to the Kimberley's to the vast coast of Australia. Australia 4 Tours the Australian Darwin based specialist offers different tour styles such as Safari, Explorer, Unleaded and Unleashed 18-39 to offer you with an lifetime experience of fun and adventure with like minded travellers. Contact us now for your next holiday adventure.
Over 18 years experience finding you adventure safari and tours in small groups in Australia
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About the Victoria Region

Destination Guide
Area: 227,600 sq kms(520,902 sq miles)
State Population: 5,022,300
Capital: Melbourne
Population: 3,800,000 (official estimate 2006)

Victoria's region is famous for its great diversity and beauty. It consists in several extraordinary things such as the world-class wineries of the Yarra Valley, the Spa Country, the several charming and picturesque coastal villages of the different peninsulas, the impressive mineral springs of Macedon Ranges, the Grampians and its beautiful walking tracks etc.

Victoria's region is also home to the wonderful and scenic Great Ocean Road which is one of the most beautiful coastal drive in the world; there people can enjoy the sceneries of the famous 12 Apostles, London Bridge, Loch Ard Gorge, and the world renowned Bells Beach. Finally, one of the main attraction in Victoria's region is its capital Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia, where many cultural and leisure activities are offered.

Victoria Culture

The cutting-edge architecture of the capital Melbourne is wonderful as well as the exceptional collection of museums and its impressive galleries, the several art exhibitions and the great and diverse festivals organised in the city. Moreover, In addition to its creative and flourishing culture scene, Melbourne and the whole Victoria's region also offer unique Aboriginal art and lots of public and private galleries where people can check out some of Australia's best contemporary works, and enjoy works of local artisans and craftspeople. With its great diversity and a lot of year-round events, Victoria is a really attractive state and has something interesting for everyone.

Victoria Wildlife

Victoria's region has a diverse range of native wildlife. Indeed, people may see both rare and common animals such as possums, wombats, emus, eastern grey kangaroos, wallabies, rosellas, and wedge-tailed eagles. It should be noted that all those animals are more likely to be found during the morning or around dusk.

Victoria Climate

Victoria has four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Melbourne's many parks and gardens make it a beautiful place to witness the changing of the seasons. Spring through summer is the vibrant outdoor season of festivals, water sports and al fresco dining. Winter and autumn are times for theatre, film and comedy festivals, football, restaurants and open fires. You will often hear the saying that dramatically within a short time frame, making it best to dress in layers and be prepared for anything.

  Average Minimum Average Maximum Description
Summer( December to February) 14°C 25°C Summer is the hottest season with little rainfall, and the heat spells can cause temperatures over 35Β°C for several days in a row.
Autumn (March to May) 11°C 20°C Autumn is another mild season with plenty of sunshine but also wind and rain.
Winter (June to August) 6°C 13°C Winter is the coolest period, and you should make sure you have a heavy waterproof coat, a scarf and gloves for these months
Spring (September to November) 10°C 20°C Spring has mild temperatures and is sunny with frequent showers; this is also the season with the highest rainfall.


- Airport Shuttle Bus services are available
- Check if free transfer buses are provided by the hotels.

Victoria 'Things to do'

Apollo Bay: situated at about 190 km from Melbourne, Apollo Bay is a charming and beautiful seaside resort town on the Great Ocean Road and offers many attractions like museums, art galleries etc.

Balconies lookout: The Balconies lookout is formed by two sandstone rocks and is also known as 'the Jaws of Death'.

Bay of Islands: the Bay of Islands offers spectacular ocean views along the coast and is surrounded by rare flora and fauna.

Bay of Martyrs: situated next to Peterborough, the Bay of Martyrs is quite similar to the famous Twelve Apostles insofar as it is composed of several sandstone outcrops.

Bells Beach: is one of the best surf beaches in the world and features in the movie Point Break. During Easter check out the International Surfing Championships and the Rip Curl Surf Classics.

Brambucks Aboriginal Cultural Centre: this cultural centre offers lots of very interesting activities like the opportunity to see the award winning film about the creation story of the Gariwerd, or walk through an educational and pleasant bush garden.

Gibson Steps: situated in Port Campbell National Park on the Great Ocean Road just few kilometres from the Twelve Apostles, Gibson steps is famous for its long staircase leading down to the beach where the scenery is impressive.

Grampians: or Gariwerd as the Aboriginal People know it, is the southern end of the Great Dividing Range, which runs inland down the east coast of Australia. The Grampians is famous for its rugged mountain ranges, superb scenery, wild life, bushwalks, waterfalls (particular McKenzie Falls), rock climbing, and abseiling as well as the wild flowers which bloom between August and November. Aboriginal paintings dot the park and can be found in the "Shelters" i.e. Ghost Shelter.

Great Ocean Road: winds its way around the rugged coast for 300kms between Torquay and Warrnambool. It was built in the 1920's with picks and shovels. It is flanked by the pounding surf on one side and the Ottway Ranges on the other, and is well known as one of the most awesomely beautiful stretches of road in the country.

Grotto: Grotto is a small cave formed by the water with razor blade sharp lime stone cliffs.

Hollow Mountain: this is an impressive eroded mountain on the northern end of the Grampians where several caves have been naturally formed in the rock.

Horsham: this is a small town of about 12 600 inhabitants located along the Wimmera river and surrounded by several lakes: a beautiful place ideal for picnics and barbeques.

Kanyaka Homestead: was founded in 1851 and housed at one time up to 70 families. After years of poor seasons and drought it was abandoned in 1888 but stands today of a poignant reminder of the life of the early explorers who at one time grazed 40 000 sheep in this area.

Loch Ard Gorge: Loch Ard Gorge is a mixture of beautiful scenery and tragic history. Composed of huge towering cliffs and a small sandy beach with blue-green sea, Loch and Gorge is also the place where 52 people died about 120 years ago in a tragic sailing ship accident.

London bridge: now called 'London Arch' after the natural bridge collapsed on 15 January 1990, London bridge is a spectacular and amazing natural rock formation that people absolutely must see when travelling around Port Campbell National Park.

Lorne: not far from Melbourne and situated along the wonderful Great Ocean Road, Lorne is known to be one of the best leisure resorts in Australia.

Mackenzie falls: located in MacKenzie River Gorge this is one of Victoria's largest waterfalls.

Otway fly: This elevated walk is unique in its kind insofar as it is one of the longest (more than 600 meters) and tallest (can reach about 40 meters high) on Earth.

Otway National Park: Otway National Park is a huge park of about 13,000 hectare and is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled park in Victoria.

Pinnacle lookout: this lookout offers a great view of the 'Grand Canyon' and the 'Elephant Hide' sandstone in the Grampians.

Reeds Lookout: this viewing site offers beautiful panoramic views of two main ranges that form the Grampians National Park and of the Victoria valley.

The 12 Apostles: The 12 Apostles are giant sandstone rocks which can reach about 45 metres high. This is one of Victoria's and Australia's most famous and spectacular coastal scenery.

Torquay: Torquay is one of the most popular towns on the Great Ocean Road and is situated about 8 km from the world known Bells Beach. If you love surf brands, Torquay should look like paradise for you insofar as many of the world's most famous surf companies have their home there.

Warrnambool: is the largest town on the shipwreck coast, it has good calm water and surf beaches. At Logans Beach, southern right whales come within view of the shoreline to give birth each year between June and October. Surf, rock, sea and river fishing are popular too. Because there's a uni campus here there's also a decent nightlife for the city.

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What is the difference between a tour and a safari. In Australia especially in Northern Territory the two words 'tour and 'safari' can often be used together. Traditionally a safari is a African Swahili word safari indicating "long journey", previously used when hunting. A guided safari nowadays as in Australia is for travelling vast distances to observe, photograph and experience close up and in person animals, all other wildlife, natural habitats, national parks, pristine nature spots such as waterfalls and flora and fauna unique to that area.

Whereas an Australian guided 'tour' (being a noun) is traditionally a journey for pleasure in which several different places are visited such as the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and then onto the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns in Queensland. If the trip is from Sydney to Darwin and includes Ayers Rock Uluru and Kakadu then it may be called a safari tour. A tour can include a spectrum of sites, places, travel styles and activities.

An adventure safari tour is one generally for fit and adventurous persons usually over 8 years old and under 65 though we have helped many folks in their 70's and even 80's or with young families under 8 years old on selected tours and private customized charters who have been very fit and adventurous persons.

Some people like to travel only with same age adventure travels so tours are especially designed for certain age groups such as over 40's adventure tours or 18-35's adventure tours. All these adventure tours found here are for singles, couples, friends or small groups of friends and we call this DYI adventure tours.

As one of Australia's oldest and most respected tour specialists based in Darwin Northern Territory Australia we offer you a selection of tour companies with experienced guides and well maintained vehicles to get the best out of a limited holiday plan for your next vacation. We discounts and packages we will offer you valve for your next holiday.

The Tour Difference

• Scheluded tours operate and depart daily or multiple times weekly..
• As the Northern Territory's leading small group safari companies, the operatosr run tours to some of Australia's most famous landmarks including Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kakadu National Park.
• From the tropical Top End to the spiritual heart of the Red Centre, from Aboriginal Culture to abundant wildlife - experienced guides will help you discover the best of this unique and special state.
• The tour operator is an award winning company specialising in active, small group safaris for the adventurous traveller.
• We offer an extensive range of tours exploring the highlights and hidden delights of the Northern Territory, Central Australia, The Top End, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Western Australia and Tropical North Queensland.
• Their tours are nature-based with the emphasis on the unique scenery, wildlife and Aboriginal culture of each area and they cater for everyone from the fit and adventurous who want to get off the beaten track to those who prefer the sound of ‘soft adventure’ and more comfortable facilities!,,,,,,,,,,, are based in Darwin Northern Territry and is proudly Australian owned, Australian licensed and locally operated. Goholi-Australia 4 Wheel Drive Rentals Group - Australia is one of the Northern Territory's leading small group safari, sightseeing, charter, tour and selfdrive specialists' it is a Darwin Northern Territory Travel Agent License.

Goholi-Australia 4 Wheel Drive Rentals Group - Darwin Australia
Tel: International +61 8 7999 7511
Witihin Australia Free call 1800 107 371


Our very experienced Northern Territory staff will help you discover the best of these unique and special tours offers across Australia with camping safaris to one day sight seeing coach trips, eco tours australia adventure camping safaris in Kakadu National Park and Uluru (Ayers Rock) from Alice Springs and Ayers Rock Resort (Uluru) in Northern Territory. We seek out tours from only reputable experienced tour companies to some of Australia's most famous landmarks including Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park (Ayers Rock) and Kakadu National Park. From the tropical Top End to the spiritual heart of the Red Centre, from Aboriginal Culture to abundant wildlife - then onto Adelaide and Cairns we have sourced an excellent range of tours for your next vacation in Australia. Our experienced staff have collectively over 30 years in the travel industry will help you as we have done with thousand's of other travellers in the past discover the best of these unique tour destinations within Australia and our special tours offers.

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