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From the rugged Australian outback of Kakadu or Uluru - Ayers Rock to the Kimberley's to the vast coast of Australia. Australia 4 Tours the Australian Darwin based specialist offers different tour styles such as Safari, Explorer, Unleaded and Unleashed 18-39 to offer you with an lifetime experience of fun and adventure with like minded travellers. Contact us now for your next holiday adventure.
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About the South Australia Region

Area: 983,480 sq kms (379,723 sq miles)
State Population: 1,500,500
Capital: Adelaide
Population: 1,100,000

South Australia is the fourth largest state - four times the size of the UK and slightly larger than Texas - and offers all the experiences synonymous with Australia in one accessible area.

Except for Adelaide (home to 1 million of the 1.5m residents), South Australia is sparsely inhabited and is the country's driest state.

The terrain ranges from the craggy mountains of the Flinders Ranges (the southern reaches begin only 220kms out of Adelaide) to the vast expanses of isolated, desert outback broken by the fertile wine growing areas, including the world-renowned Barossa and Clare Valleys.

Just offshore is Kangaroo Island, a wilderness and wildlife haven.

South Australia Climate

Adelaide has a temperate Mediterranean climate with long warm to hot summers and short cool to mild winters and low rainfall (most falling in winter from May to August). The average temperature ranges from 15°C (59°F) in July to 29°C (84°F) in January. In the far north of the state the temperatures can be more extreme, one of the hottest places in summer is the opal-mining town of Coober Pedy, 863km north west of Adelaide, which can reach temperatures of up to 45°C (113°F)!


Average Minimum

Average Maximum Description
Mediterranean Summer 15°C 30°C The climate is Mediterranean, with long warm to hot, dry summers with relatively mild nights and short cool to mild winters. South Australia is the driest state in Australia, with most of the rainfall occurring in winter between May and August. In the far north of the state the temperatures can be more extreme, Coober Pedy is one of the hottest places with temperatures getting up to 45 degrees in summer.
Winter 7°C 18°C


Required clothes: Shorts, t-shirts etc in summer with warm clothes especially for nights in the outback and in winter. Waterproofs are advisable throughout most of the year, particularly in winter.

South Australia Accommodation

Arriving in Adelaide we'll take you on a quick orientation tour. Beautifully planned and laid out - you'll find Adelaide a very easy city to get around. Adelaide was the only Australian colony that started with free settlers, not convicts. Settlement was originally made on Kangaroo Island, and then it moved to Glenelg and then to its present location. It's thanks to surveyor Colonel William Light that Adelaide is a planned City. In 1836 Colonel Light designed the city along a clearly defined grid pattern with two major centres 'Adelaide, now being the shopping and commercial hub and North Adelaide, now with its trendy bars and cafes.

Interspersed with gardened Squares, and surrounded by an abundance of Park Lands, more than any other city in Australia. It has a country town friendliness with an urban feel that is European.
The Adelaide Festival of Arts and the Festival Fringe bring the City a world-class extravaganza of cultural delights. These and other festivals, events and concerts dotted throughout the year, give Adelaide its title as the "Festival City".

The colony attracted many German settlers, who headed to the Adelaide Hills and the Barossa Valley and are responsible for the success of these famous wine-growing districts. Adelaide was the first capital city in Australia to get a direct telegraph link with Europe - this became operational in 1872. They got this privilege at what was undoubtedly great expense as they had to lay a land line all the way through the centre of Australia through countryside which had only once been previously covered (by that dude who obviously totally enjoyed getting off the beaten track by the name of John McDougall Stuart) - but they considered that it was worth it to prove that South Australia was flasher than Victoria or New South Wales. Beyond the city limits, a dizzying assortment of wineries, historic townships and unspoilt beaches lie less than an hour away.

Popeye Motor Launches
The very first of the Pop-eye fleet set sail in 1935 carrying 25 passengers for a short outing along the river Torrens. It was such a success that between 1948 and 1950 three new boats were commissioned to be built. These three boats are still in use today and trips along the river Torrens to the Adelaide Zoo are enjoyed by overseas, interstate and local visitors of all ages.

Balfours Frog Cake
The Frog Cake is the 'Balfours Mascot'and has been used in promoting the culture of the State. Introduced during the 1920's when tearooms were the height of fashion in Adelaide, the Frog Cake was originally made with green fondant, the chocolate and pink versions were introduced later. Frog Cake lovers have also created a demand for the Red Father Christmas Frog Cake and the Easter Yellow Chick Frog available during these festive seasons.

Stobey Pole
In 1924, South Australian James Stobie invented a steel and concrete pole to carry electricity and telephone lines, due to SA's lack of suitable timber. Stobie Poles have other advantages too 'they're termite proof and have a life span of around 50 years. All Stobie Poles end at the SA border, with most other States preferring wooden telegraph poles.

Pie Floater
It looks like a bowl of green mushy gruel with a lump of something solid sitting in it. On closer inspection this absolutely strange looking mush turns out to be a hearty pea soup, with a meat pie turned upside down. Delicious? Many South Australians and lesser numbers of their visitors think so. It's South Australia's own culinary specialty, the 'pie floater'.
The hearty meal is traditionally eaten at kerb side from a 'pie cart', the most famous being Cowleys', which still stands alongside the GPO in Victoria Square.
These pie carts became a meeting place where cabbies, police, night watch men and other workers rubbed shoulders with theatre patrons in formal evening wear, musicians, politicians and businessmen..
Today the pie cart remains one of our most favourite of eateries and the pie floater's curb-side consumption by people from all walks of life for more than 130 years makes it an authentic and uniquely South Australian culinary tradition.

South Australia Things to do:

Adelaide Zoo
Frome Road, Adelaide, South Australia 5000
Ph: (08) 8267 3255
> SKYCITY Adelaide
North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000
Ph: (08) 8212 2811
> Museum of SA
North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000
Tel: (08) 8207 7500
>South Australia Art Gallery
North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000
Tel: (08) 8207 7000
> Haigh's Chocolate Factory Tours
153 Greenhill Road, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000
Tel: (08) 8372 7000


Things to do: Near Adelaide
Victor Harbour is the largest town on the Fleurieu Peninsula and is popular with the Adelaide locals, many of whom have weekenders there. It is located on the shores of Encounter Bay that got its name from a meeting between Flinders and Baudin back in 1802. The town has a notorious past as a whaling town, first established in 1837. Whaling operations lasted until 1864. Victor Harbour is a great place to spend a few days. While you're there check out the Bluff, Granite Island, which is connected by a causeway. You can get to the top by chairlift or walk. There's also whale watching during winter months and cable hang-gliding.

The Barossa Valley is about an hour and a half drive north of Adelaide. The Barossa Valley is one of the best wine producing districts in Oz. The Valley has a distinct German feel to it, as the early settlers were, surprisingly, Germans. Prior to WW1 many of the original German names were changed to Anglo names to chill out the locals. After the war some were changed back, but most remained Anglicized. Whether you're into wine or not, check out the Barossa Valley as the scenery and the culture is seriously outstanding. It is possible to have wine tastings at over 40 wineries (you may never leave the Barossa!)

South Australia Places of Interest

Penneshaw - is currently the most important arrival point on the island. Ferries depart from here several times daily as it is the shortest point to Cape Jervis. It has fantastic views back to the mainland, abundant wildlife on Hog bay within minutes walk from the main street of Penneshaw.

Mt Thisby - this natural sand hill look out gives impressive views over the eastern end of Kangaroo Island, the southern and northern coasts, American River, and even back to the mainland. There are 534 steps to the top, which means that while travellers should have a reasonable level of fitness, the views are accessible to virtually everyone.

Kingscote - the largest town on the island with a population of 1500 people, or about 1/3 of the islands' population. It is the most important town on the island.

Reeves Point - the site of the first settlement in South Australia located because of its beauty and the proximity to what they thought was bountiful whaling grounds. The colony eventually failed due to a lack of water and shifted to Glenelg, but there are still some reminders of that era including the old 'Mulberry tree' which still bears fruit.

Flinders Chase National Park - covers nearly one third of Kangaroo Island on the western end. It is the home to amazing features such as Admirals Arch and Remarkable Rocks, Rocky River Headquarters, the Ravine de Casoars spectacular walks, and of course a vast number of animals including koala, platypus, wallabies, Cape Barron Geese and many more.

Remarkable Rocks - no prizes for guessing why this feature got its name, but does make you question the creative skills of the first explorers. This is a granite outcrop that has been shaped by wind, sea and chemical reaction to the salt water to make an amazing rock feature.

Cape du Couedic - first named by early French explorers. The name means 'the brothers' as there are two islands off the Cape. This area is simply spectacular. Even world weary travellers can't help but be impressed with the view, the surf, the spectacle of Admirals Arch and a colony of New Zealand fur seals living on and around the rocks on the cape.

Little Sahara - is an extensive area of drifting Sand dunes.

Anti-Chamber Bay - is another of the islands' pristine beaches with charming views and a creek that runs to the sea.

Seal Bay - a colony of nearly 600 Australian Sea Lions live, work and play on this beach. At any given time there are up to 150 seals resting, sleeping and playing on the beach. Under the direction of Rangers, visitors can get to within 6 metres from these amazing animals. This is the only place in the world where people can interact with the Australian Sea Lion, the rarest of all the world's Sea Lions.

South Australia Beaches

Kangaroo Island

Stokes Bay - on the northern coast has entry through a natural rock tunnel onto a pretty, secluded beach

Ravine Des Casoars - is a secluded beach at the rugged western end of the island

Hanson Bay - This picturesque and rugged bay offers great swimming and fantastic views

South Australia Hikes

Kangaroo Island Ravine des Casoars, Flinders Chase National Park - (5-6hrs) This is a wonderful loop walk through changing vegetation that ends on a secluded beach at the rugged western end of the island. There are caves and it's a good idea to bring a torch to see if you can spot penguins.

Kelly Hill to Hanson Bay Walk - (9km - 3hrs) This is arguably the best walk on Kangaroo Island. Starting at the Kelly Hill Caves reserve it passes through 5 different forms of vegetation and stunning scenery on the way to picturesque Hanson Bay.

South Australia Between Adelaide & Alice Springs

Flinders Ranges - are made up of colourful cliffs, rugged granite peaks, sharp ridges and deep gorges. These majestic ranges house caves and significant Aboriginal cultural sites and we do various walks exploring them.

Wilpena Pound - a huge natural amphitheatre, which resembles a crown of pointed mountains, is the jewel of the Flinders. The challenging climb of Mt Ohlsen-Bagge is rewarded with magnificent views over the ranges, the desert and Lake Torrens.

Arkaroola - enjoy various hikes exploring this rugged outback country

Uluru Base Walk - view the mysterious formations and Aboriginal art sites on the 9.4km circuit around the base, which takes approximately 2.5 hours.

Valley of the Winds (Kata Tjuta) - this spectacular hike, varying in length from (approx) 6-8km depending on the trip chosen, winds through some of the 36 weathered domes. The trail is closed when temperatures rise above 36°C.

Kings Canyon - We spend approx 3-4 hours walking around the canyon's rim, enjoying the awesome views of the sandstone chasm 270 metres below and exploring it's unique features.

South Australia Culture

Early Australian Settlers - Learn about Kangaroo Island's first official settlers who arrived in July 1836, aboard the Duke of York. As the first free settlement in Australia, Kingscote (still a major town on the island) was dogged by lack of water and suitable building timber. After four years, it was abandoned in favour of Adelaide.

Kanyaka Homestead Ruins - Kanyaka Station was founded in 1851 and by 1856 the leases totalled 365 square miles or 233,600 acres and at one time housed up to 70 families. After years of poor seasons and drought it was abandoned in 1888 but the homestead ruins serves as a poignant reminder of the harsh life of the early explorers.

Yourumbulla Caves - houses 3 Aboriginal art sites. The Adnyamathanha people, who lived in the Flinders Ranges, did the paintings. The name Yourambulla is derived from the Adnyamathanha phrase "yura pilla", meaning two men, and is related to the two peaks (to the east of the painting sites).

South Australia Wildlife

Kangaroo Island - is world-renowned as a place to see native Australian wildlife in its natural habitat. There are several reasons for this, firstly, more than half the island has never been cleared of vegetation, with about one third conserved in National and Conservation Parks. In addition, foxes and rabbits were never introduced onto the island, ensuring the integrity of the uncleared bushland and the presence of abundant wildlife, much of which is uncommon or extinct on mainland Australia. On your trip, you may get to see the Kangaroo Island Kangaroo, Tammar Wallaby, Short Beaked Echidna, Southern Brown Bandicoot, various species of possum, Cape Barren Geese, dolphins, penguins, whales (seasonal) and the endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo. The island also has flourishing populations of the rare Australian Sea Lion, New Zealand Fur Seal and Australian Fur Seal, which are all native, plus koalas and platypus (though the latter are pretty hard to spot!), which were introduced but still survive there.

Flinders Ranges - as well as wallabies and kangaroos you may also see huge goannas and a variety of bird life, including eagles and osprey, when travelling through this area.

South Australia Other Activities

Opal Mine Tour - in Coober Pedy we take you around Umoona mine, where you will see an opal cutting demonstration and (time permitting) get the chance to go 'noodling' (local lingo for fossicking) for your own opals.
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What is the difference between a tour and a safari. In Australia especially in Northern Territory the two words 'tour and 'safari' can often be used together. Traditionally a safari is a African Swahili word safari indicating "long journey", previously used when hunting. A guided safari nowadays as in Australia is for travelling vast distances to observe, photograph and experience close up and in person animals, all other wildlife, natural habitats, national parks, pristine nature spots such as waterfalls and flora and fauna unique to that area.

Whereas an Australian guided 'tour' (being a noun) is traditionally a journey for pleasure in which several different places are visited such as the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and then onto the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns in Queensland. If the trip is from Sydney to Darwin and includes Ayers Rock Uluru and Kakadu then it may be called a safari tour. A tour can include a spectrum of sites, places, travel styles and activities.

An adventure safari tour is one generally for fit and adventurous persons usually over 8 years old and under 65 though we have helped many folks in their 70's and even 80's or with young families under 8 years old on selected tours and private customized charters who have been very fit and adventurous persons.

Some people like to travel only with same age adventure travels so tours are especially designed for certain age groups such as over 40's adventure tours or 18-35's adventure tours. All these adventure tours found here are for singles, couples, friends or small groups of friends and we call this DYI adventure tours.

As one of Australia's oldest and most respected tour specialists based in Darwin Northern Territory Australia we offer you a selection of tour companies with experienced guides and well maintained vehicles to get the best out of a limited holiday plan for your next vacation. We discounts and packages we will offer you valve for your next holiday.

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• Scheluded tours operate and depart daily or multiple times weekly..
• As the Northern Territory's leading small group safari companies, the operatosr run tours to some of Australia's most famous landmarks including Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kakadu National Park.
• From the tropical Top End to the spiritual heart of the Red Centre, from Aboriginal Culture to abundant wildlife - experienced guides will help you discover the best of this unique and special state.
• The tour operator is an award winning company specialising in active, small group safaris for the adventurous traveller.
• We offer an extensive range of tours exploring the highlights and hidden delights of the Northern Territory, Central Australia, The Top End, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Western Australia and Tropical North Queensland.
• Their tours are nature-based with the emphasis on the unique scenery, wildlife and Aboriginal culture of each area and they cater for everyone from the fit and adventurous who want to get off the beaten track to those who prefer the sound of ‘soft adventure’ and more comfortable facilities!,,,,,,,,,,, are based in Darwin Northern Territry and is proudly Australian owned, Australian licensed and locally operated. Goholi-Australia 4 Wheel Drive Rentals Group - Australia is one of the Northern Territory's leading small group safari, sightseeing, charter, tour and selfdrive specialists' it is a Darwin Northern Territory Travel Agent License.

Goholi-Australia 4 Wheel Drive Rentals Group - Darwin Australia
Tel: International +61 8 7999 7511
Witihin Australia Free call 1800 107 371


Our very experienced Northern Territory staff will help you discover the best of these unique and special tours offers across Australia with camping safaris to one day sight seeing coach trips, eco tours australia adventure camping safaris in Kakadu National Park and Uluru (Ayers Rock) from Alice Springs and Ayers Rock Resort (Uluru) in Northern Territory. We seek out tours from only reputable experienced tour companies to some of Australia's most famous landmarks including Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park (Ayers Rock) and Kakadu National Park. From the tropical Top End to the spiritual heart of the Red Centre, from Aboriginal Culture to abundant wildlife - then onto Adelaide and Cairns we have sourced an excellent range of tours for your next vacation in Australia. Our experienced staff have collectively over 30 years in the travel industry will help you as we have done with thousand's of other travellers in the past discover the best of these unique tour destinations within Australia and our special tours offers.

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